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Jump Start Pediatric Therapy specializes in the evaluation and treatment of children from birth through adolescence, we help kids build skills for everyday life. Our collective knowledge and supportive approach provide a solid foundation for your child’s development.

Exceptional Teamwork

In collaboration with you and the other members of your child’s team, we design an individualized plan of care and develop functional goals to address the specific needs of your child.

Comprehensive Care

We take a holistic approach to supporting the medical, physical, cognitive, social, and emotional well-being of each child. We understand that a successful treatment partnership is built on trust.

Pediatric Expertise

With advanced training in topics and techniques specific to the pediatric population, our therapists blend progressive, evidence-based practice with family-centered, compassionate care.

Therapy Services

effective and efficient

Your child’s plan of care will be developed to reflect your goals and our evaluation findings. Licensed therapists (not assistants) provide one-on-one treatment while educating and instructing you in home program activities. We identify opportunities for growth in daily routines so kids go farther faster. 

PTs evaluate and implement a wide variety of interventions and supports to help kids increase mobility, develop or restore function, alleviate pain, mange disability, and promote health and wellness in childhood and throughout the lifespan. 

OTs evaluate and support kids in their daily “occupations” by teaching skills needed to play, learn, socialize, self-regulate emotions and behaviors, adapt to physical and cognitive changes, and become independent with self-care. 

SLPs evaluate and support kids in their development of speech, receptive and expressive language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and the oral skills needed for safe feeding and swallowing. 

Our Team

collaboration counts

Dedicating our clinical practice exclusively to the evaluation and treatment of infants, children, and adolescents, we believe continued professional development and close collaboration are essential to providing the most effective treatment in the most efficient manner. 

We noticed improvements after just two visits. Our son looks forward to his visits with Jump Start and it’s never a struggle to get him to go. Jump Start is a happy place.

I moved my daughter to Jump Start after 3 years of no progress with another therapy office. Within a month she was walking with a gait trainer and continued to make incredible progress each month. She will be starting OT and Speech therapy soon, and I am excited to see even more growth and progress! Thank you to all the therapists at Jump Start!

I have just switched from [another clinic in town] and the differences are incredible. I love the in-depth knowledge of my son’s needs and how to help him. I have seen so much progress already.

Great, friendly staff, reliable and consistent with patients/customers. My sister is severely autistic and hard to work with, however the staff worked with her very well.

Jump Start has been extremely helpful with our foster daughter and her developmental needs. I always feel confident and safe walking through the doors there.

[My therpist] is extremely knowledgeable, professional, and caring. My child has seen four physical therapists in Seattle and she blows them all out of the water. I’m extremely happy with Jump Start.

[The therapists] take the time and fully engage with the kids, and the staff does a great job of making the parents feel comfortable, too!

My son received competent, kind, compassionate care [at Jump Start] – what else can you ask for?

The bottom line is everyone here genuinely cares about the babies and children coming in here for help. This one fact…makes this the best place to go for your adolescent’s therapy needs.

We’re very thankful we found Jump Start. [My therapist] has been amazing with my child. The knowledge and tips that have been given to help our son succeed have been priceless.

My son has been going to Jump Start on and off since he was 10 months old. They are caring and compassionate and we are so thankful for all their work on our little guy.

The therapist was so patient and playful with our anxious four-year-old that in our first session I was even able to leave the room – which has never happened anywhere for anything!

Amazing team and staff. Very friendly. They have always made sure the therapist and child are the perfect fit for one another.

It was amazing the progress we made! I really liked how much my child’s speech and language improved! The new positive ways he can communicate has helped our whole family!

[Jump Start] is just what we’ve needed after four long years of little progress [elsewhere]. In just a few weeks, my son has progressed in his sounds and is practicing on his own!

I love the care and attention my child is given at every visit. Anytime I have a question, it is handled kindly and courteously.

The staff is very friendly and the environment is clean. [My son] really enjoys his physical therapy sessions and really likes his therapist, who is very knowledgeable. It’s nice to have Jump Start in our area so we don’t have the travel out-of-state.

Everything has been wonderful. I most like the professionalism, upbeat attitude, and attention to detail of my son’s therapist.

Jump Start is an amazing therapy office. Very professional and personal. I feel very confident and comfortable having my son receive treatment here!

I have taken my son here for about two years now and truly appreciate his therapists. They go out of their way to help my son, along with explaining things to me. And the office staff is very accommodating of appointment days and times. It’s an awesome pediatric therapy center!

I like how comfortable everyone makes you feel and how caring everyone is. The front desk has been very helpful throughout the whole experience.

The facility is clean and easily accessible. The staff is professional and confident, but at the same time, personal.

My daughter is very shy, but she has totally connected with her therapist and loves going there.

I love the atmosphere, how welcoming the staff is, and how comfortable my son and I are every session.

My daughter’s therapist has been amazing. I am completely impressed. I appreciate her communication with both me and my daughter.

I would absolutely recommend Jump Start to anyone. Everyone at Jump Start is so warm and kind. It is very clear that the staff cares about their patients. [Our therpist] went above and beyond from our first day of physical therapy to answer any questions, to make our daughter feel completely comfortable, and to give her the best treatment.